the booc (the barcelona olive oil company)

the booc lies in the heart of Catalonia, in the triangle formed by Navàs, Súria and Cardona. We are a small family company specializing in extra virgin olive oil. A quality product is of utmost importance to us. We practice organic farming and an extraction process that enables us to conserve the essence of our extra virgin olive oil. The peculiar geographical and climatic characteristics of the area are ideal for carrying out the cultivation of two rare native varieties that, until now, have been practically on the verge of extinction. These varieties are low-yielding but produce an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil .
Every detail is important when the goal is to make the best extra virgin olive oil in the world. Every detail counts: hand picking the olives, choosing only healthy fruit at their optimum ripeness, using traditional farming techniques necessary for the rough terrain , the selection, collection and maintenance of each of the olive trees, no use of pesticides or chemicals, and manual labeling and packaging are only some of the small details of our production. Our desire for perfection has resulted in the development of a unique product.
The booc makes a luxury oil. Its limited production, difficult harvesting and the extreme care we put into each and every one of the processes involved, make our oil rather unique, able to surprise the most demanding palates.